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Verify GST With Indicpay

GST verification is an important process for both businesses and individuals. IndicPay makes it easy to verify GST numbers with its simple and easy-to-use process.

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Gst Verification

GST Verification: What is it and Why is it Important?

GST verification is the process of verifying the authenticity of a GST number. This is an important process for both businesses and individuals, as it helps to ensure that transactions are compliant with GST regulations.
Businesses can use GST verification to ensure that they are dealing with legitimate customers and suppliers. This can help to reduce the risk of fraud and tax evasion. Individuals can use GST verification to ensure that they are not being overcharged for goods and services, and to claim GST refunds where applicable.

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GST Verification

Instant GST Verification Process

Log in to your merchant dashboard and go to the Verification Suite, from the left side panel select GSTIN.

Providing GST Verification

Our payment gateway integrates with the Income Tax Department's PAN verification system, allowing us to validate PAN details in real-time.

Enter the GSTIN and Perform the Verification

If you choose to search by GSTIN, enter the 15-digit GSTIN of the business in the provided space. Complete any required captcha or security check.

Verify the GSTIN

Click on the "Search" or "Verify" button to initiate the verification process. The System Will Cross-check the entered GSTIN with the official GST database.

Additional Information (Optional)

In some cases, you may also have the option to view additional details, such as the status of the taxpayer, type of registration, and the date of cancellation (if applicable).

Pan Api

Who Can Use GST Verification By Indicpay payments


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Business and Individual Tax filing platforms

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Identification Verification companies

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Payments and fintech companies

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Marketplaces are platforms or online environments where buyers and sellers can engage in buying and selling goods or services.


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  • Why should I choose Indicpay Payments?

    Indicpay Payments is India’s leading payments and API banking company. It helps 1,00,000+ businesses accept and send money and is used for multiple use cases like vendor payouts, wage payouts, bulk refunds, etc.

  • Choose the product you are interested in. You can switch to Test Environment and try out the product features and integrations using test API credentials. Once ready, you can switch to Production Environment.

  • Once your documents are submitted for review, account gets activated with 24 working hours. Please refer to our quick activation guide. You can also write to us at

  • Indicpay Payments Gateway offers 120+ payment modes including Pay Later, Paytm, and Cardless EMI options etc. Indicpay Payments Gateway is the only payment gateway that supports instant refunds versus the industry standard of refunds in 5-7 working days - this ensures Cashfree Payments merchants are able to delight their customers while running business operations smoothly.

  • When you create a Payouts account,Indicpay Payments creates a virtual wallet for you. You can add funds from your bank accounts to the wallet and use the funds to do payouts. You can use the Payouts dashboard to do single or bulk payouts via excel upload or integrate Payouts APIs with your product or ERP to automate bulk payouts.